kindergarten-wide events

Large-scale activities kindergarten-wide events often take place with centralized ceremonies or display events. The kindergarten values the influence of such a ceremonial atmosphere on children because children tend to learn actively and can practice a variety of experience and abilities.

The kindergarten-wide events for each month are arranged as follows:


Key activities


Teachers' Day, Mid-Autumn Festival


Autumn outing


Fitness in winter


New Year activities


Winter vacation


Lantern Festival(spring Festival )


Women's Day


Spring sports competition and reading festival


Spring outing


Children's Day and older classes visiting younger classes(幼小衔接)


Graduation ceremony of the older class


Summer vacation


Case No.1: New Year activity

Setting up of the activity

Paper-cut and New Year picture

Giant dragon

Environment of Tiger Year

Traditional folk things

Classic activities

Dragon and lion dances, Yangko dance

Make lantern and guess lantern riddles

Children’s performance

Party with parents

Food made: rice-cake

Individual Interest


Case No.2: Reading Festival

Children's and Teachers in action

Language area: individual reading

elder kids tell stories for the younger ones

Teacher tell stories to the whole class

Kids give a performance of the story “Monkey King”

Teachers and children give a group performance
of the story “Rainbow Colors Flowers”

Training for teachers: a featured lecture
about reading education


Family Interaction

Grandpa telling stories

Reading time with parents

Parents give a performance of stories

Training for parents: a special lecture
 about reading with kids

Interact ion with community

BNU Press gives books as a present

Book on sale: children choose the books they like


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