project approach

Project approach refers to activities that focus on a central theme for a period of time. Children conduct a series of thematic exploration activities through interaction with their peers and teachers. Through these kinds of activities, children can develop a variety of new, all-around and related experience and skills to solve problems.

The “themes” cover the health, society, language, science and art fields. And all kinds of meaningful educational events can become the theme’s subject, such as holidays, flowers and plants in the natural world, and daily life events.

Case: Firecrackers

Kids’ age: two and a half years old to four and a half years old

Activity process:

First: Watch the TV-animation story of YEAR

Watching Animation Story: “YEAR”


Second: Draw pictures of YEAR (Children’s interpretation through drawing )

YEAR with long braids YEAR like urchin
YEAR with three legs YEAR like bread

“YEAR” Animation album completed by the children

Third: The firecracker which freaks Year out


Appreciate the pictures of firecrackers

Making firecrackers individually

Firecrackers and a tower of firecrackers

Fourth: Fireworks which freaks Year out

Children’s drawings of fireworks

Three-dimensional fireworks


Fireworks made of plasticine                                     Fireworks made of colorful paper


Movable fireworks

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