BNUK facts in brief
Beijing Normal University Kindergarten is subordinate to Beijing Normal University, founded in 1915. In 2001 it was described as one of the first “Model Kindergartens” in Beijing and in 2004 as “A Satisfactory Kindergarten for the People”. BNUK has five branches located in different places in Beijing. Over 2,500 children from two to six years of age are enrolled, with a staff of 500.

Following the development track of Chinese preschool education, the BNUK today has evolved as a school that is continuously innovating. Over its history, the Kindergarten has served as a research and internship base for BNU experts, PhDs, postgraduates, and undergraduates from relevant disciplines. BNU-K made many contributions to scientific research and the cultivation of teachers in preschool education. At the same time, the Kindergarten is exposed to advanced ideas about preschool education. Influenced by the education resources and education concept of Beijing Normal University, the Kindergarten established the “Children-oriented” teaching philosophy: to respect children, research children, and promote the development of children’s initiative. “Children-oriented” philosophy has helped cultivate students who are in good health, who are happy, curious, and confident, and who has an early sense of responsibility, and to develop enthusiastic teachers with research abilities and other professional skills.

Mr. Xu Jialu, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the NPC, once wrote in a letter to the Kindergarten, “From all of you I got a view of tomorrow’s preschool education, a view of tomorrow’s new generation, which is indeed our country’s tomorrow.”

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