Education Philosophy

The Children-oriented education philosophy of our Kindergarten is reflected in the three aspects: respecting children, researching children, and promoting the development of children’s initiative.

Respecting children: Children should be treated as people with independent personalities and characteristics. When it comes to children’s education, their dignity, basic rights (to live, to be protected, to develop, and to participate), age characteristics, physical and mental development disciplines, uniqueness and interests, and requirements for the development of their individual sense of initiative should be respected

Researching Children: Make research on children’s age characteristics, physical and mental development disciplines, and individual differences; make research on how to promote the development of children’s initiative.

Promoting the development of Children’s initiative: We should respect the children’s various interests so as to promote their overall development. Teachers should encourage children’s self-service and the exploration of initiative, so as to make the children be masters of their lives and learning.

The relationship between respecting children and researching children is a precondition, and the two are rooted in each other. Promoting the development of children’s initiative is the ultimate target of education.

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