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Parent Committee

It is comprised of parent representatives from each class who serve as a communication bridge between the kindergarten and the parents. The members should attend kindergarten democracy meetings regularly, comment on the major decisions of the kindergarten on behalf of the parents, and give feedback suggestions on the work of the kindergarten.

Parents' Meeting

The meeting is organized regularly by the classroom lead teachers. At parents’ meetings, teachers help parents understand the class work and the children’s development, promoting communication and cooperation between family and kindergarten.

School for Parents

The kindergarten regularly invites professionals to conduct training for parents, to improve the parental educational philosophy and parent involvement in educational activities.

Parents’ Field

The Kindergarten Parents’ Field is generally used to publish the teaching arrangements, schedule, kindergarten system, health information, and so on. The Parents Field of a class generally includes the education programs, class activity records and photos, reports on excellent parenting experiences, and other columns.

Kindergarten Web site

All kinds of information on the site can help parents understand the Kindergarten all aspects; and the home interactive forum is an interactive platform for promoting in-depth and timely communication between parents and teachers.

Telephone interview

In accordance with the provisions of the Kindergarten, teachers should call the parents of a child who has been absent for more than one day to ask the reason for the absence and to say hello.

Home Visitation

Before a new semester starts, teachers need to conduct a home visit to each newly enrolled child, to promote mutual understanding between home and kindergarten and to reduce children’s separation anxiety resulting from enrollment in school.

Kindergarten Open Day

Parents are allowed to visit classes on a regular basis to observe the children for a half-day, so that they can intuitively understand the situation of the children in the Kindergarten.

Parent-child interaction in large-scale events

For large-scale events like Children's Day, Spring and Autumn outings, New Year’s activities and other notable times, parents are invited to participate in activities so as to enhance the communication between home and the Kindergarten and to improve the quality of parent-child interaction.

Parent volunteers

When organizing activities for the Kindergarten, teachers invite parents, based on their professions and interests, to join in activities as volunteers.

Children’s Record Book

Children’s Record Book is in two parts: kindergarten’s life, and family life, usually recorded monthly. It is a booklet to record the study and living conditions of the children in the form of text and photographs by both teachers and parents.

Parent-child field

This is a form of education open to children under 3 years old, in which teachers lead the children and their parents in playing a variety of games and doing study activities together, with the purpose of improving the quality of education for young children less than 3 years of age.

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