Health Care in Brief
The BNUK Health Care Center is responsible for health supervision, disease prevention, and health care services for the staff and children of BNU Kindergarten. The main responsibilities of the Center are: providing basic health services for all kindergarten teachers and children, conducting physical examinations and immunizing children, organizing child physical fitness tests and analyses, scientifically developing and evaluating nutritional diets for the children, and supervising and managing the Kindergarten’s environment and dietetic hygiene, as well as conducting a regular health education program.

The Health Care Center consists of an operating room, an isolation room, and a private bathroom, and the ambiance is warm and comfortable. In order to keep the young children comfortable, indoor tables, chairs, beds, bookshelves, toy cabinets, and other such amenities are provided.

Strictly in accordance with the relevant national provisions for healthcare workers and based on the total number of children enrolled, the Kindergarten is currently staffed by nearly 20 healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses, and other health personnel, whose education levels include postgraduate, undergraduate, and specialist.

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