Health Center’s Yearly Work Schedule

Work Item

Object and Scope


Entrance Examination

Children Enrolled Each Year

Twice a year, in March and September

Child Physical Examination

All Children

Twice a year for children under 3 years old, in June and September
Once a year, in June, for children over 3 years old

Daily Health Observation

All Children

Each morning, noon, and evening

Child Dental Examination

All Children

Twice a year, in March and October

Nutritional Diet Plan

Children’s Diet

Changed weekly, with two nutrition evaluations each month

Child Physical Testing

Children 3 years old and over

Once a year, in May

Child Immunization

Children at the proper age

Every three months

Overweight Children Management

Overweight Children

Once every three months and with regular guidance

Weak Children Management

Weak Children

Set up special case and provide special management

Hygiene Supervision and Management

Dietetic and environment hygiene

Twice a day, and a strict check each month

Health Education

Children, Parents, and Teachers

Based on the health education plan, and publicize it regularly

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