BNU Experimental Primary School and Kindergarten Teachers Participate in Exchange with American Punahou School

Huang Shan, the secretary of Party branch of Beijing Normal University Experimental Primary School and Kindergarten, led a 22-member delegation on a 12-day trip to participate in the Teacher Institute 2012 at the Hawaiian Punahou School in America from January 11 to 22, 2012. This was the third time a delegation from BNU has visited the Punahou School.

Hope Staab, Director of Wo International Center, was in charge of the Teacher Institute 2012 which included lectures, observations and interactive classes with students incorporating Chinese paper cutting, children’s songs, and games. At the end of the visit, our delegation made a presentation about what we observed and learned from our time at Punahou School.
Our principal Huangshan also had talks with the supervisor of kindergarten and younger grades Mrs. JoAnn Wong-Kam and Mr. Bruce Schauble, the director of the elementary school.
At the final meeting with Christina Cox, the principal of KCAA Preschools of Hawaii (with seven locations), the directors discussed possible future collaboration between the schools.

Punahou campus tour
Listening to lectures
Classroom observations
Teaching Punahou students paper cutting
Singing and playing games with Punahou students
Lunch break
Meeting with JoAnn Wong-Kam
Principal Huangshan meets with Bruce Schauble
Meeting with principal of KCAA Preschools of Hawaii
 Group photo with Mike Walker, Director of junior high and elementary schools
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