American Delegation from Punahou Sister School visits BNU Kindergarten

On June 21, 2012, Principal Huangshan and Vice-principal Dujun welcomed a delegation of 29 administrators and teachers from American Punahou School to our kindergarten. They toured the campus, observed classes and discussed the daily activities at the kindergarten.
The students gave the guests paper zongzi, lucky rope, and Chinese paintings they had made. The Punahou leaders and teachers got to see how our teachers implemented the new teaching methods they had learned in Punahou into their classrooms. The Punahou leadership gave the teachers high marks on their implementation of the new techniques they had learned.
Principal Huangshan discussed interested-based learning and common problems faced in education with the Punahou leadership team. She also talked about class sizes, quality teachers, and children’s daily schedule. They two schools also discussed instruction and management issues.
This first Punahou School delegation is significant meaning to mutual understanding and future collaboration opportunities between the two schools.

Principal Huangshan reviewing our history
Parent-child painting and calligraphy exhibition for 110-year anniversary of BNUK
Observing children’s reading activity in library

Music game with foreign guests
Visiting classrooms
Looking at the new child development measures adopted by teachers after studying at Punahou
Children giving gifts
Exchanging gifts
Group photo
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