Visiting Milgate Primary School

From October 2 to 13, 2012, teachers from Beijing Normal University Experimental Primary School and Beijing Normal University Kindergarten, led by the primary school’s headmaster, Principal Wu, visited their sister school, Milgate Primary School, in Australia. They also participated in the training program for teachers' professional development held by the Victoria State Education Department and Milgate Primary School.

The visiting group observed classes, discussed curriculum with teachers, attended lectures, and visited the Milgate Primary School community. Milgate Primary School focuses on promoting students’ potential leadership, public speaking, social skills and physical development. The visiting group was also inspired by the school’s 0-5 year-old playgroup, curriculum structure, and evaluation system. The visiting group expected to further enhance educational cooperation and exchanges between Milgate Primary School, Beijing Normal University Experimental Primary School and Beijing Normal University Kindergarten.

In October of 2011, Principal Huang from Beijing Normal University Kindergarten and Principal Wu from Beijing Normal University Experimental Primary School visited Milgate, and actively pushed ahead cooperation between these schools. In December of 2011, the three parties signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation and established their sister school relationship.

Traditional Chinese dance performed by students from Milgate Primary School to welcome the Chinese delegates.

Classroom observations

Milgate’s Vice Principal Mark introduces their evaluation system
Introducting BNU Experimental Primary School and Kindergarten 

Visiting Milgate’s Play Group

Participating in outdoor activities

Learning to play netball

Milgate students give hand-made cards to visiting teachers

Vice Principal Mark, Principal Debbie and Principal Wu
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