Punahou School Leadership Visit BNUK

Punahou School principal, Jim Scott, director and vice-director of Wo International Center, Emily and Chei, visited our kindergarten on March 27, 2013.
The leadership visited our school culture wall, children’s library, history exhibition and “Beijing Spring” children’s works exhibition, then went into classrooms to interact with the children. Afterwards, we had a discussion in meeting room. Principal Jim Scott praised our beautiful environment as well as the children’s morning exercises, etc. He was delighted to see how our teachers had implemented what they had learned at Punahou School. He believes there are many similarities between our kindergarten and the younger grades at Punahou. On behalf of kindergarten our principal, Huangshan, offered heartfelt thanks to Punahou School for providing valuable resources for our teachers’ professional development. After this, the two schools held discussions about future collaboration.
The two schools exchanged gifts and then the Punahou leadership team went on to visit the BNU Experimental Elementary School and The Second High School attached to Beijing Normal University.

Looking at “Beijing Spring”—an exhibition of children’s works

Classroom observations

Interacting with the children


Principal Huangshan shows the journal of articles the teachers wrote about their learning experiences at Punahou

Giving gifts

Group photo
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