International Symposium on Preschool Education: Beijing Normal University Kindergarten Centenary Celebration

 On April 9-10, 13 foreign experts from 6 countries and regions attended the “International Symposium on Preschool Education & Beijing Normal University Kindergarten Centenary Celebration”. Among them, the six leaders come from our sister schools in the United States, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong, and the rest are the pre-school education experts from around the world.World President OMEP Prof. Kathy Hall attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The Symposium with the keynotes, visiting Beijing Normal University(BNU) kindergarten and primary school and other activities, provided pre-school education and primary education exchange platform for each country and region, but also opened the window to let the world know China’s basic education. In the last few years, BNU kindergarten and primary school have carried out the international exchange program together, which has accumulated useful practical method and experience. As the Principal of Milgate Primary School Australia Ms.Debbie Mierisch said, Through BNUK’s Centennial we understand the Chinese education, your primary school and kindergarten made me feel surprise, all of you should feel proud of your teachers and children.”

  • April 9 and 10, 6 foreign experts delivered a total of 6 keynotes at the main and sub forum. The theme includes “Education of environment”,” Kindergarten as my Dream Works – Aesthetic Practice o f “Classroom flip””,” The Wonder of a School Carnival”,” What We’ve Known about Early Childhood Reading?--The Reading Wars, Neuroimaging findings and Transition to School”, etc.
  • At noon on April 9, Principal Huangshan chaired a discussion with international experts. All the foreign experts had a deep discuss on the topics of policies and regulations, curriculum, kindergarten management, teacher training and other issues. It will be the foundation for carrying out and deepening international exchange and cooperation with international nations and regions in future.
  • At afternoon on April 9, all the foreign guests visited children’s art exhibition at Art Gallery of BNU. Children’s autonomous, joy and creativity during the artistic creation to impress them a lot.
  • On April 10, foreign guests visited Experimental Primary School of BNU and Technology City Branch of Experimental Primary School of BNU, the principal Wu Jianmin and Vice-principal Wang Ying accompanied. They visited Future Technology Park Gallery, observed the classroom at Technology Branch of primary school. At the end, they had lunch in the cafeteria.

Leaving A message for BNUK Centennial

Principal Huangshan chaired the international discussion

Visiting BNUK Main Branch

Visiting children’s art exhibition

Japanese experts visiting Experimental Primary School of BNU

Visiting Technology City Branch of Experimental Primary School of BNU
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