International Symposium on Preschool Education

On April 9-10, 2015, Beijing Normal University Kindergarten held International Symposium on Preschool Education. Two days Symposium included 15 keynotes totally, around the teacher professional development, educational practice research, educational environment, early childhood reading, events, area activities and other topics. And these 15 keynotes were distributed on to the main and sub forum. More than 400 hundred Preschool Education workers attended the activity.

The Main Forum

Jie-Qi Chen

Feng Xiaoxia


Sub Forum 1


Haruko Yoshida

Mei-Kuei Lu

Sub Forum 2

Jie-Qi Chen


Sub Forum 3

Xia Huaying

Hui Li

Dong Yingchun

Sub Forum 4

Xu Cuifeng

Emily McCarren

Zhang Yanping

Sub Forum 5

Gao Yihua

Wen     Qing-Dai

Wang Dongsheng

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