Eleven teachers went to Punahou School for training

From January 16 to 27, 2011, the BNUK leadership group, comprised of the executive principal, child-care director, researchers and teachers, for a total of eleven rofessionals, went to Punahou School to participate in a training session. Guo Hua, the director of the International Centre of Punahou School, hosted them and arranged for the training. The training included visiting schools, learning about the concept of education of Punahou School, undertaking educational evaluation, joining in teacher professional development activities, attending special lectures (such as that on the comparison between the U.S. public and private schools), observing daily school life from kindergarten to high school, holding discussions with teachers after class, and so on. After the Training Group returned, they shared their experience with all the teachers at BNUK.

Visit the school

 Listen to the lecture


 BNUK presents a gift

 One-day observation of a kindergarten class

Photo with the Director of the International Exchange Center of Punahou School and the Principal of the Primary School


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