Opening its doors to learn from others

In 1985, Mrs. Bush, wife of U.S. vice President George Bush, visited BNUK,Students presenting a bouquet.

In 1988, friends from Taiwan visited BNUK and played chess with the children.

In 1991, BNUK received guests from North Korea.

In 1995, BNUK received representatives from the fourth World Women Congress.

In 1997, BNUK made a treaty with Kashiwa Gakuen in Japan to become Sister Kindergartens. Exchange programs has continued between the two ever since.  

In 2002, Georges Charpak, a member of French Academy of Science and a Nobel Prize winner, came to BNUK to exchange researches in science education activities.?

In 2005, Mrs. Blair, wife of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony for Sino-British Early Childhood Education Base .

In 2007 the Minister of Zimbabwe’s MoE led a delegation to visit BNUK.

In 2010 Prof. Candace Kaye, Dean of School of Early Childhood Education, University of New Mexico, visited BNUK. In the picture she is working on the project for inter -cltural Research and Cooperation in Early Childhood Education.

Hope Kuo Staab, Director, Wo International Center of Punahou School in Hawaii, USA, come to visit BNUK.


On December 17, 2010, President Huang Shan met Anthony, the Deputy Minister of U.S. Ministry of Education, and his party.


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