“Learning, Integration, Innovation -- Practical Curriculum Research at BNU Kindergarten” is the “Five-Year Plan” project approved by the Beijing Society of Early Childhood Education. It is based on BNU Kindergarten’s curriculum practices of many years, especially the curriculum reform practices in effect since the 1990s.

The curriculum research and practice was the collective wisdom and hard work of all the teachers of Beijing Normal University Kindergartens.. In particular, we will never forget the teachers, groups of lovely children and their parents, as well the valuable guidance of the experts and professors of the BNU. Special thanks to Prof. Pang Lijuan, whose encouragement, support, and inspiration have helped to interpret our curriculum in light of early children development. Her position was that; “It is fundamental to promote children’s development and it is key to improve teacher quality,” she gave clear direction to the curriculum research for our kindergarten.

In terms of further research for the kindergarten curriculum we still need great effort. However, just like its name, the Developing curriculum not only implies the development of teachers and the children, but also the constant progress we are making. Therefore we have current achievements but we are going to continue to think and explore.

Note: The preliminary result of the kindergarten curriculum research effort, “Practical Research for the Kindergarten Curriculum – Introduction to the Beijing Normal University Kindergarten Development Curriculum” (Zhang Lan as chief editor), was published by Beijing Normal University Press in September 2006.


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