Introduction to the research
In 2006, BNUK launched " the Research on book reading activities in the Kindergarten" (a project funded by BNU). The research was undertaken for two main reasons. First, at the same time that a large number of foreign picture books entered the Chinese book market, China's original picture books began to be developed, raising the questions of how to choose suitable picture books for children and how to guide children to read different types of picture books, both of which issues have become a challenge for teachers and parents. Second, there was a plan to establish a kindergarten library by using BNU library resources. In 2007, the BNUK library, a branch library of the BNU library, was officially opened, and children, teachers and parents were very pleased to see so many exquisite picture books there. Meanwhile, teachers on the research team carried out a variety of reading activities in their classes, sharing the happiness of reading with the children, and extending that happiness to the children’s families.
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