Research process and harvest -- read and grow up happy

"To be a wise teacher, the most effective way to improve one is to 'make reading become a habit'." (Li Jimei) In the process of research on reading education, teachers and children have been enjoying reading and growing together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Part one: To create an atmosphere of enjoy reading – books available anywhere, anytime

Expanding the reading area

Apart from creating a cozy reading environment, we also expanded the reading area. Weset up reading areas for parents and children to read in public places such as the corridor.


Establishing the Beijing Normal University Kindergarten Library, a branch of Beijing Normal University Library
Some of the parents and publishing houses donated books for the library. BNUK made customized, interesting bookshelves suitable to the children’s height. We also designed a "fairy wand" to remind the children to put the books back where they found them.

Parents donate books to the library

Children choose books independently, with the fairy wand

New spacious and well-lit library

Integrate with the community reading environment 
visiting the BNU Library and BNU Elementary Primary School Library

Visiting the BNU Library

Visiting the BNU Elementary Primary School Library

Reading enters thoroughly into the children’ daily life

Daily Life Reading

Telling stories from a big picture book every morning

Outdoor storytelling eases children's "admission anxiety"

Bedtime stories help children to calm down

Free reading time

Readers’ Corner

Cozy reading area

Happy reading time for teachers and children’s

Independent reading

Putting books in order

Theme reading:

Theme reading activity for a three-year-old children class —"Hello"

Description: 胡萝卜1

Description: 胡萝卜4

Description: 胡萝卜3

Theme reading activity for a four-year-old children class --“ Carrot rocket"

Theme reading activity for a five-year-old children class -- "Witch and broom"

Part two: Sow the seeds of reading -- grow up happily

Expansion of Reading through Members of The Family

Children’s Library: borrowing books from the class to read with their Dad and Mom

Reserving books

A library card for each child

Reading report finished with Mom and Dad

Sharing the good book with other children

The kindergarten and Family interaction promotes parent-child co-reading

Teachers recommend excellent books to parents

Parents sharing the parent-child co-reading experience

Parents go to the classroom to read stories for the children

Written Experiences of Parent-Child co-reading

“Co-Reading Implementation”

Co-reading with partners plays an important role in stimulating children's enthusiasm for reading and in expanding their reading horizons.

Reading with classmates of the same age

Older children leading the younger ones in reading

Part three: Enjoy the happiness of research and become professionals

Teachers experience the joy of research during reading activities

Sharing the wonderful picture books

Sharing all types of the picture books in the library

Sharing the good books of class

Taking a closer look at the children's favorite books 

Teachers Professional Achievements:

Discussing the appropriate picture books for 5-year-old

On-site discussion about setting up reading areas

Sharing new ways of recommending books

Open Forum

Description: 14讨论图书的价值

Description: 提升6

Discussing the educational value of picture books

Observing the activity of reading

Teachers’ horizons was broaden through a variety of learning activities

Inviting Miss Lin Qianling, chairwoman of the Waiwan Taiwan Children's Art Museum, to give a speech

Visiting the open reading area of the BNU Experimental Primary School

Visiting Hong Kong International School Library

Principal Huang Shan gave a speech on early child
reading at Seventh International Symposium of
OMEP in Hong Kong.

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