By the early 1950s, the BNU Experimental Kindergarten teacher training program had reached a certain level of success. Two experts from the Soviet Union, Galina and Manu Elaine Ko were appointed by the Ministry of Education to teach in the Department of Education at BNU and to guide the kindergarten work and teacher training program. Then, through frequent receptions and visits, BNUK made a positive contribution to the development of the first group of pre-school teachers in China.

Since the Reform and Opening-up, BNUK is an internationally well-known kindergarten and has become a window to the world of pre-school education in China. In the early 1980s, BNUK undertook many teacher training programs either commissioned by governmental education departments or through the kindergarten itself. Since the 1990s, the Montessori Teacher Training Program has been implemented across the nation. As a result of these efforts, BNUK has accumulated an abundance of training experience.

In 2008, in order to meet the needs of a developing kindergarten and to promote the professional growth of teachers, BNUK set up a training center to carry out internal training. The center provided a more specific development plan and training courses for teachers working at different levels. Teachers outside BNUK were also offered more standardized training, to actively promote the overall development and quality of pre-school education and communicate the advanced concepts and useful educational experiences of BNUK with more kindergartens so as to benefit more children. In recent years BNUK has offered even more training opportunities to the kindergartens in the central and western regions of China.

In 2010, the BNU Experimental Kindergarten Teacher Training Base was established and plays a more active role in teachers training.

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