Training programs





Internal training

New teacher training

New teachers

One term a year

New monitor training

New monitors

One term a year

Nurse training

New child-care staff

One term a year

Assistant teacher training

Assistant teachers

One term a year

Physician training

Children’s physicians

One term a year

Cook training


One term a year

Montessori teacher training

Montessori class teachers

One to two terms a year

BNUK feature training

Whole teaching staff of BNUK

Once a year

Training for managers

Managers (president, vice president, directors, researchers, and so on)

Two terms a year

External Learning

Teachers in all positions


External training

Trainee Learning

Kindergarten administrators, teachers and physicians throughout China

One term in early April and early November every year

Montessori junior training class

Montessori beginner teachers

One term every summer holiday

Montessori senior seminar

Montessori teachers


Training class for administrators and teachers

Kindergarten principal, deputy principal, director of child-care, director of logistics, and teachers


Training for teachers of the “parent-child field”

Teachers of the “parent-child garden”

Once a year

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